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by Jodi Holland on 4/22/21 2:35 PM

While DVL is known as a data center solutions company, as that is proudly our area of specialty, our expertise extends past this topic when it comes to the universally critical component of power management. And, as such, power distribution needs go far beyond the data center into a host of industries. Elements that make up power distributions solutions can include generators, all the way down to power requirements driven by the application. Data centers often define this within integrated IT Racks, but in other industrial facilities, that could mean just about anything.

Starline Track Busway is a revolutionary answer to the question of just how to distribute power easily throughout your facility(ies). Typically, power distribution solutions have only provided inefficient and potentially hazardous options, especially when you consider it in the context of getting the power to specific end-user application points. However, now, Starline’s flexibility and ease of use can help eliminate the need for multiple homeruns, pipe and wire, etc., and simplify configurations by incorporating multiple components. Even changes to the layout of your facility come easy when configured with Busway capabilities.


This flexible power distribution system consists of enclosed CU and/or AL electrical conductors. It also has a continuous open-channel bottom access design which allows a virtual infinite number of electrical connection spots to insert plug-in units in order to deliver power at the exact point of use. The amount of pipes and wires you’ll need will be drastically reduced as the Busway gets power to exactly where you need it. In addition, cost-effective distribution options are offered that allow you to tailor your facility with literally millions of configurations. Its multiple plug-in units, which can also be tailored, have a “plug n’ play” design that enables safer access to the power, with the possibility of countless customizations to satisfy your business's always-changing needs.

As mentioned, there is much need for solutions like the Starline Busway outside of the data center world. For example, it lends extremely well to the automotive industry when it comes to assembly lines and airbag productions. And, even last year, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, when some automotive facilities were being repurposed to answer the call for more ventilators. An automotive production line that uses the Starline Busway for facility recently reported that when they needed to change the configuration of their assembly line with new applications and new equipment, it only took 55 minutes to reconfigure the Busway system to support these new changes. The customer was absolutely astonished with this short turnaround as alternative solutions would have required 3 weeks of work when you add up the actual labor and additional paperwork and permissions from different departments that an alternate solution would demand.

It becomes clear that the Busway system is a game-changer for dynamic environments where floorplans are always changing and turning over. Therefore, a retail setting would greatly benefit from this solution as stores and showrooms, both big and small, are routinely reworking their floorplans as they usher in new seasons and merchandise. In addition to being able to change the location of the fixtures, displays, and cash registers, the Busway can also allow for lighting options to become more versatile. Lighting fixtures can be hung directly from the busway housing without requiring additional grid support. Similarly, the system is hard wired to support track lighting, security cameras, speakers, occupancy sensors, and exit and other store signage.

When it comes to other industries, the busway is great for powering up fleets of forklifts in distribution centers, it can support clean-rooms and most research and development applications in the Bio-Pharm setting, while in schools the busway is ideal for computer rooms, welding shops, and college laboratories, and lastly, in restaurants it can offer flexibility for point-of-sales, kitchen, and dining room configurations. In addition, the busway is really starting to prove itself a great fit for up-and-coming ventures such as E-Car Charging in parking garages and vertical farming.

For more information about the benefits and options of the Starline Busway, check out our recent webinar in which we discuss the Busway with experts from Starline.Watch Webinar

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Anticipating Your Organization's Growing Pains

by Robert Leake on 9/30/20 11:16 AM

The third in a series of posts that explores the vital signs of a healthcare system’s critical infrastructure, this blog looks at growth at the healthcare edge and lays out the key considerations for ensuring your infrastructure has an agile skeletal system, accommodating changes in healthcare delivery models and the exponential growth of healthcare data.

Growing pains aren’t unique to people. Organizations of all types experience them as they attempt to stretch already strained resources to handle increased demands. Healthcare may be one of the most impacted industries with the influx of patient-generated health data and the growth of remote outpatient sites.

According to an IDC report, The Digitization of the World From Edge to Core, healthcare data is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36% through 2025. That’s enough data to fill 12 quadrillion miles worth notebook paper laid end to end, circling the earth 485 billion times! These organizations are struggling with how to store, manage, analyze, and secure the immense influx of information from established and ever-emerging technologies (i.e. EHR, digital imaging, IoMT, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and wearables). As the volume continues to grow exponentially, they need a healthy infrastructure that can scale with it.


While today’s healthcare organizations cannot afford to overprovision, they do need ways to add capacity quickly as needed. Like the human body’s skeletal system, their infrastructure must provide scalable, flexible, around-the-clock support and the highest level of protection as data and equipment are added.

Keys to building scalability and agility into your infrastructure:

  • Future proof your strategy with modular products that can support anticipated growth. Modular products give organizations the flexibility to grow as they go, reducing upfront costs and eliminating overprovisioning. Many modular products are available today, including:

    • Modular UPS. “Bricks” of power and battery modules can be added or removed according to output power requirements. These products not only support flexibility and scalability needed for edge applications, but also improve energy efficiency, serviceability, and availability at the same time.
    • High density modular cooling. As power demands increase, so do cooling requirements. Cooling solutions for high heat density systems are available in open or closed architecture, and pumped refrigerant-based or water-based technology. By using optional pre-charged flexible piping with threaded quick connect fittings, they allow for expansion without interruption of cooling operations.
    • Alternative thermal solutions. These solutions fit easily into racks within environments managing heat in small spaces and makes cooling possible in places where traditional equipment simply won’t fit. The Vertiv VRC offers the convenience of a plug and play solution with three heat rejection options, energy-efficient features, and scalable capacity, allowing IT managers to quickly add cooling when and where it’s needed.
    • Modular rack PDUs. Choose intelligent systems that easily integrate with your data center infrastructure management system, enabling yourself to stay on top of power usage and adapt to changing business needs as you grow.

Considering the need for connectivity and visibility with each new asset you deploy, along with how those assets will be organized and protected within the space constraints of network closets, smart cabinets, or micro data centers, will help set the stage for effective monitoring and management of the distributed IT environment, a topic we will explore more deeply in our next post in this series. This not only supports more effective management of your current IT environment, it also gives you the ability to know where devices reside, how power is being used, and where space is available to simplify expansion planning.

To learn more about supporting growth at the healthcare edge, contact DVL to discover how our solutions are helping healthcare organizations achieve continuity for life.

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Hardwire vs. Busway

by Mike Beck on 5/15/19 12:34 PM

When it comes to designing power distribution for your critical facilities, there are many options for you to consider. You must determine what the best fit for your needs and your budget is.

For example, one question you could ask yourself is, if you should hardwire everything down to the powerstrip or use a Busway? In this Cost Analysis Comparison of Conventional Power Whip vs Overhead Starline Busway, we give you the tools to determine which solution is best for your business. starline modular busway for power distributionWant to learn more about Starline and Busway technology click here.

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Optimize Your Data Center with These Convenient Tools

by Jodi Holland on 3/28/18 8:27 AM

When it comes to running a cost efficient and energy efficient data center, science is key. More specifically, the science behind tried and true tools and calculators can go a long way. Before you try to reinvent the wheel, check out DVL's invaluable resources, including several from Vertiv and Geist, that will help you optimize your data center's power and cooling.

Currently, we have seven great tools that will help you determine your infrastructure's sizing, power, and thermal needs. These resources include:

New Data Center Tools and Calculators

  • DVL Design Your Data Center Worksheet
  • Vertiv PDU/UPS Selector
  • Vertiv Power Product Selector
  • Geist PDU Finder
  • Liebert VSD and Liebert EC Fan Upgrades Calculator
  • Vertiv Free Cooling Economozier Calculator
  • Vertiv Digital Scroll Compressor Energy Savings

Learn more or get started today.

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Starline Busway's Customizable Power Distribution

by Erica Muzzy on 1/17/18 8:06 AM

I've had the opportunity to work on a lot of projects involving Universal Electric Corporation’s Starline products, ever since our company began representing them a little over a year ago. The Starline Busway, one of their leading products, continues to deliver in its promise of simplifying power distribution needs. Our customers are so ecstatic with their installations and are happy to show off.

It's able to be so versatile because it allows customization for your data center’s specific power distribution needs. Busway amp sizes run from 100A to 1200A and can have dedicated ground and/or oversized neutral. Also, hot swappable bus plugs can be designed to have different receptacles or drop cord connectors made to order.

Check out the video below to see the Busway in action, and please reach out to me at 215-826-1133 to learn more.

Starline track busway for power distribution

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