Available On-Demand: DVL Power Hour Webinars

by Jodi Holland on 7/6/23 2:15 PM

Since we began our DVL Power Hour webinar series a few years ago, we've been able to bring you more than 40 live episodes. We’ve hosted many discussions about a variety of topics related to critical infrastructure and data centers. Thermal Management. Batteries. E-Rates. Green Data. Pandemics. Service. We’ve talked about all of this and more, as we welcomed guests from some of our partners, such as representatives from Vertiv, Generac, Critical Labs, Packet Power, and more, as well as some of our customers, and even scientists who have helped explain some of the latest technologies and trends.

If you haven’t had the chance to tune in for any of these webinars, or haven't in a while, we hope you’ll make your way over to our list of past webinars, as all our previously broadcasted webinar episodes can be accessed on-demand via our website. We invite you to browse topics and titles to find any that may interest you.


Some of our most popular episodes include:

  • "How to Choose the Right Cooling System"
  • "The Importance of Indoor Air Quality"
  • "Research & Development: Advanced Methods of Cooling Electronics"
  • "Power Distribution in Critical Facilities"
  • "Expanding the Monitoring Equation: Alert Management to Risk Mitigation"
  • "NFPA Standards & Generator UL Listings with Generac"

As far as new webinar episodes go, we are currently on a break for the summer, but check back soon for more information. We will continue to bring you new episodes on a monthly basis. In the meantime, if you'd prefer, all our webinars are ALSO available in a podcast format as well. Episodes have been edited down--you won't be able to see video or slides, but will still get to enjoy some interesting conversations and insights into the critical infrastructure world while on the go. We hope you'll tune in. And if you have any questions or comments, please reach us at Marketing@DVLnet.com.


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Protect the IT Backbone: A Connected Network Nervous System

by Robert Leake on 9/16/20 1:12 PM


For the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing a Joint Blog Series with Vertiv that's focused on strategies to strengthen the IT Edge Network. While focusing in the world of Healthcare, the messages will resonate with anyone working within a distributed IT environment:

In many ways, the physical and IT infrastructure that make up Healthcare’s Edge environment is a lot like the human body. It is comprised of a complex network of systems and applications that have to work independently and collaboratively to support the ongoing health of your operations, and enable it to deliver life-saving work in increasingly distributed locations.

When you gain insight into the vital signs of this infrastructure—factors such as connectivity, efficiency, reliability, and scalability—you’ll better understand the solutions and support you need to keep your entire operation functioning at peak performance.

Achieving Continuity for Life

In this new blog post series, we explore these vital signs and offer insight into how your critical infrastructure systems function in much the same way as the amazing human body. As a trusted provider to more than 80% of healthcare systems across the country, Vertiv knows what it takes to maintain healthy, robust physical and IT infrastructure that supports healthcare continuity and the ongoing delivery of high-quality care upon which every person depends. To help healthcare leaders gain greater confidence in the availability and reliability of building systems, healthcare data, and medical equipment, DVL brings you Vertiv solutions that help you:

Protect the IT Backbone: A Connected Network Nervous System
Much like the central nervous system serves as the human body’s command and control center, coordinating all other body systems by receiving and sending information and signals, the IT backbone plays this role in your healthcare system. Future-ready digital infrastructure protects the critical path upon which your patient data travels, the equipment clinicians use each day, and the data center systems that power your business. Whether that IT backbone exists in a data center, a colocation environment, the cloud, or a combination thereof, Vertiv architects reliable, interoperable, and intelligent infrastructure in a scalable, cost-effective way to enable your healthcare system to meet future demands while operating seamlessly and ensuring the highest levels of continuity today.
network closet blog photo

Grow the Healthcare Edge: A Strong Skeletal System
A skeleton provides structure, support, and protection for a system. It serves as a framework that defines what a system will ultimately look like and helps dictate the parameters and functionality of the system. As healthcare networks become increasingly distributed, moving to remote locations beyond the main hospital campus and incorporating new technologies such as IoMT sensors, telemedicine centers, and wearables, they require a healthy framework that enables infrastructure solutions to flex and scale to accommodate growth at the edge while maintaining reliability, efficiency, and compliance of healthcare operations.

Manage the New Distributed IT Infrastructure: A Robust Circulatory System
The circulatory system circulates blood and transports oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body while carrying away waste. As healthcare delivery becomes increasingly complex and distributed, with healthcare data growing exponentially and providers needing access to it in more and more remote locations, the need to securely send and receive data is paramount. Vertiv solutions protect your network connections through advanced visibility and access to distributed IT in locations ranging from network closets across the hospital to remote urgent care and telemedicine centers. At the same time, Vertiv solutions put your business leaders at the heart of the distributed network, providing a central engine for remote management, control, and analytics that fuels better decision making.


Optimize Healthcare Operations: A Healthy Immune System

The immune system keeps people healthy. It’s what enables the body to protect and heal itself from diseases so that it can function at peak performance. Major healthcare systems must also be protected from a variety of ‘threats’ that can hinder continuity and jeopardize productivity, profitability, and compliance. These include factors such as aging physical infrastructure, rising energy costs, natural disasters, ever-changing regulatory requirements, a shortage of skilled workers, and lack of the right tools to manage increasingly distributed infrastructure. Vertiv helps healthcare systems develop their immunity and stay healthy with solutions that upgrade physical infrastructure and ensure clean, uninterrupted power. Through commissioning, electrical testing, and predictive and preventive maintenance of the power and cooling systems that protect your infrastructure, we help create efficient, safe environments that maximize the productivity of both people and equipment. We can help you actively plan for emergency response. And we can supplement your staff with our own team of experts. Our goal is to keep you compliant, drive down your costs, improve your workforce productivity, and extend the life of your critical building systems all while helping you maintain continuity of operations.
Dive deeper into your healthcare system’s vital signs.

Data Center
At DVL, we understand that even a moment’s interruption of your building systems, IT network, or medical equipment can compromise the delivery of care, undermine the patient experience, and even mean the difference between life or death. In future posts of this series, we’ll look more closely at the vital signs your physical and IT infrastructure must exhibit to safeguard against these interruptions along with the specific solutions Vertiv offers to keep your healthcare system healthy and ensure Continuity for Life.

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The Data Center of the (Very Near) Future

by Robert Leake on 1/22/20 8:37 AM

Leaders in technology all over the world are starting off the year focused on a review of the last twelve months, and also where the next decade’s marketplace trends will lead us. The latter is being highlighted by the Uptime Institute, with the increasing needs of resiliency and risk, cloud and innovation, upward demand curves, and the Edge. Across this vast landscape there are a few things which stand out in a very applicable way in the worlds of Critical Power and Thermal Management.

The first is not a shocker: Data growth is happening, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Explosive growth is being driven by data warehousing, IoT, Machine-to-Machine learning, and, of course, AI. The Global Datasphere is expected to reach 175 Zettabytes in the next five years, and all this data will need to be collected, processed, distributed, accessed, stored, and backed-up.

man working in data center

Data centers will continue to see an influx of compute equipment, demand for maximizing floor space, and an increasing need to leverage hardware and software innovations. There will be immense pressure on data center operators to assure every variable is considered.

In today’s environmentally-friendly-focused world, it’s no surprise that data center energy consumption and remedying inefficiencies are also rising priorities. By the end of the decade, we should be able to see significant strides in the worlds of “Green Power” (i.e. Wave and Wind Power, Carbon Capture, and future technologies), and begin to see how the improvements we’ve made in critical facilities are impacting the environment.

However, the power conundrums of today also need answers. The strategies behind uninterruptible power, switchgear controls, generator “use”, and cooling efficiencies are the ways data center operators can positively affect their usage and costs in 2020 and beyond. The data center equipment that are powering and cooling environments today were great at the time of their installation, whether 25, 15, or even five years ago, but recent technological advancements provide answers to problems of energy inefficiencies and improvements to power consumption expenditures.

The realms of Thermal and Power are seeing advancements like iCOM, remote monitoring software, and leveraging stand-by for active applications. These efficiencies have evolved over time. We at DVL have helped orchestrate this evolution for our customers, which allowed us to learn how to recognize the most value from each project. Technology offers an amazing opportunity to reduce costs, manage easier, and improve impacts on the environment – but only if it’s being utilized.

Finally, that brings us to the Edge. But first, a pop quiz: Would you define the Edge as:

  • A Regional Data Center
  • A key to the future of infrastructure driven by 5G
  • Facilities sitting somewhere between On-Prem and the Cloud
  • Whatever it needs to be, as long as latency is reduced
  • All of the above

Fact is, defining the Edge probably depends on who you’re talking to. The Edge is something we at DVL have seen evolving for years as we have helped customers shape what it looks like in their networks. In the Northeast US, land is at a (pricey) minimum, and businesses have been needing to think about new ‘outside-the-box’ locations for data management for a long time. In the west, data center builds are constructing closer to renewable energy sources. And everywhere is starting to think about ‘data thinning’ in an effort to distribute compute capacity while reducing latency.

Our efforts in engineering on the Edge have included everything from regional data centers to enhanced IT closets. In many instances, repurposing existing non-technical space into a data center is at the core of the project, and something DVL Engineers embrace, in an effort to tailor solutions to your needs.

All of these trends intertwine – data tonnage is changing how we efficiently power and cool data centers. Energy availability and renewability is impacting building from the Core to the Edge. The Edge is evolving as the data tsunami continues to grow.

With technology becoming an ever-increasing part of life, the data center world is going to feel the pressure of being the heartbeat of how the world operates. Engineers are tasked with expanding the abilities of the infrastructure, making sure it's not killing the environment, and assuring it's "always available" - oh and getting the most value from every investment. Our team at DVL has been addressing these same needs for 35 years, and we’d love to understand how we might be able to do the same for you.

Connect with a DVL Engineer

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Our Customers Explain "Beyond the Product" in This Short Video

by Jodi Holland on 11/25/19 4:12 PM

DVL is your product sales and solution expert for your critical environment in the Greater Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Denver, Albuquerque, and Salt Lake City markets. We work beyond just selling great products—we evaluate your need, create the solution, apply the right product, and service it for the entire life cycle.

Watch the video below to hear from CEO Gary Hill and several of our customers how DVL goes beyond the product on a daily basis.

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Russelectric Mission-Critical Power Products Now Offered in DVL's Western Territory

by Jodi Holland on 11/6/19 9:57 AM

We're excited to NOW be offering mission-critical power products from Russelectric in our western territory. This includes CO, UT, ID, NM, and some parts of WY. 


Learn more about Russelectric's products including Paralleling Switchgear, Automatic Transfer Switches, Bypass/Isolation Switches, and Custom SCADA on our new website!


Have some questions and want to talk to a DVL representative?
Please contact the following people:

Utah and Idaho: Robert Harbin
Colorado and Wyoming: George Samson
New Mexico: Gordon Dixon

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