Powering the Critical IT Edge: Webcast

by Marissa Donatone on 4/6/15 4:38 PM


Powerful Innovations:
Powering the Critical IT Edge
Live Webcast: Thursday, April 16,
11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET

The dynamics surrounding distributed computing systems which reside on the edge of a network are creating challenges. Housed in smaller spaces, outside of a central data center, these application hubs continue to expand in quantity and criticality. The result is that IT professionals are faced with a new set of demands for providing proper power and support.

Join Kyle Keeper, Director of AC Power Product Management, who will explore 4 primary elements that need to be addressed to effectively power critical, distributed network IT. You will save time, money and reduced headaches … all while driving improved reliability. Join us to discuss:
  • Where and what edge of the network systems should be evaluated.
  • How to recognize network IT edge problems before they escalate.
  • Best practices for managing and deploying power.
  • New technologies and services to save time, money and headaches.


Kyle Keeper
Director, AC Power Product Management

Who should attend?
Managers responsible for:

  • Network/server closets
  • Telecom rooms
  • Back-office systems
  • Small data rooms
  • Branch offices with IT

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Speed, Flexibility and the Data Center

by Emerson Network Power on 11/25/14 11:45 AM

Kollengode Anand | November 20, 2014 | Emerson Network Power


It’s no longer enough to be dependable if you’re running a data center.  With greater demands being placed by customers, both external and internal, data center administrators are required to be both dependable and fast. Consider these facts, from our “State of the Data Center” report last year:

  • The equivalent of one of every nine persons on the planet uses Facebook.
  • We generated 1.6 trillion gigabytes of data last year. That’s enough data to give every single person on Earth eight 32-gigabyte iPhones, and it’s an increase of 60 percent in just two years.
  • Every hour, enough information is created to fill more than 46 million DVDs.
  • Global e-Commerce spending topped $1.25 trillion in 2013.

It’s always been important to respond to your customers, of course, but now there are more of them, demanding more information, and more quickly:  the report says that if the online video they are watching buffers for more than five seconds, 25 percent of viewers drop off.  And if the video buffers for more than 10 seconds, half of them are gone.

Oh, and did we mention that the average cost of a data center outage now runs more than $900,000…an increase of one-third in just two years?

Which is why it’s critical for administrators to be able to flexibly configure their data centers, and to be able to react rapidly when requirements change, or when there’s a problem.  We’ve found that a unified approach to the entire infrastructure is the best way of handling these situations.  Whether it’s heating and cooling, power, servers, software, or more, the ability to administer data center operations in a real-time manner has become more imperative than ever.

It’s one of the key elements in the development of the dynamic data center, and in being able to easily manage changes and maintain an optimal environment.

We’ll be at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, at booth #211, showing off the equipment and software that we’ve developed to help you make your business as dynamic as your data center.  We’ll also be speaking about where our clients believe the data center is headed more than ten years from now.   Their input has proven critical in the past, and their thinking is helping us develop the solutions that will solve their challenges both today and tomorrow.

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When Should You Consider Building a New Data Center? Case Study: Paragon Internet Group

by Emerson Network Power on 11/19/14 9:25 AM


IT departments today are all about speed – adding more applications faster to satisfy voracious global appetites for mobile, social media, streaming video and other resource-intensive applications. These applications must be available, regardless of their impact on critical infrastructure performance. If growth is stretching your resources too thin, you must take action to ensure availability. But because IT organizations are pressured to lower costs, you have to build an unassailable business case when deciding how to expand.

A variety of solutions are available for upgrading and expanding your critical infrastructure, including building a new data center, but how do you know which option is best?

Because you can take many actions short of building a new data center to improve your critical infrastructure, you may want to consider building new only as a last resort.
Building new is expensive and difficult. Factors such as getting a loan, finding a location and determining if you can get fiber optic cable all come into play. It can take three years before the new space is operational, and managing logistics for a move is challenging.

Still, there are times when building new is a good choice:

  • Your business growth is through acquisition, and you need to consolidate a number of acquired data center You may have to build new to accommodate them.
  • You don’t have a disaster recovery site. You can build new and use the old facility for this purpose.
  • Your equipment is so old and poorly maintained that it’s not worth it to upgrade. Building new is an opportunity to take advantage of new, more efficient technologies.


Here is an interesting case study about Paragon Internet Group in the UK.

What about you? Have you assessed and optimized your existing critical infrastructure or have you preferred to invest in a new data center project?

Author: Paul Russell, Emerson Network Power. 
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Can You Recover Lost Capacity In Your Data Center?

by Mike Rinaldi on 11/30/12 11:47 AM

Data centers have evolved more quickly than the procedures being used to manage them.  The pace of change and inability to forecast future demand in your data center remain a challenge.  The challenge for data center managers now is to maintain or improve availability in increasingly dense computing environments while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Take control of your data center's energy use.  

Can you recover lost capacity in your data center?

Download DVL Chapter 4 Whitepaper Now!

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Uptime Institute Announces Results of Data Center Industry Survey

by Mike Rinaldi on 7/13/12 10:57 AM

NEW YORK, Jul 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Uptime Institute, a division of The 451 Group, today announced the complete results of its second annual data center industry survey. The survey was developed to collect data on an annual basis around Digital Infrastructure deployment trends, procurement plans, measurement and standards practices, and other topics that impact the mission-critical data center industry.

"Among many interesting upward trends, we continue to see an increase in data center budgets, which is a pleasant surprise as many budgets in the IT sector are on the decline," said Matt Stansberry, Uptime Institute Director of Content and Publications. "Our survey, which has already piqued industry recognition in its early stages, is a true picture of where the industry is headed as our sample base represents many of the top data center owners and operators across the globe."

Click here to view the key findings of the survey

The 2012 survey represents responses from more than 2,000 owners, operators, vendors, consultants and users from around the world. The survey report focuses on the 1,100 owners and operators from this pool. Respondents were largely represented by the financial industry, technology service providers, manufacturing and government agencies. Over 75% manage more than one data center, with North America being the best-represented region.

Uptime Institute’s complete survey report drills down on many of the data points, carving out segments by company size, geography and vertical industry. It includes Uptime Institute’s expert analysis on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) adoption, equipment manufacturer market share, energy saving strategies for data center operators, and much more. Complimentary access to the full report is available for download with registration: http://uptimeinstitute.com/2012-survey-results.

Download the DCIM Position Whitepaper

data center survey
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