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Vertiv Expands Thermal Management Portfolio With Acquisition of Energy Labs

by Vertiv on 1/18/18 8:36 AM


COLUMBUS, Ohio--()--Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, has acquired Energy Labs, a privately owned, U.S.-based manufacturer of custom air handling systems. The acquisition strengthens Vertiv’s leading position in the data center thermal management space and enables expansion into commercial and industrial segments with industry-leading cooling solutions.

Read full press release here.

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Starline Busway's Customizable Power Distribution

by Erica Muzzy on 1/17/18 8:06 AM

I've had the opportunity to work on a lot of projects involving Universal Electric Corporation’s Starline products, ever since our company began representing them a little over a year ago. The Starline Busway, one of their leading products, continues to deliver in its promise of simplifying power distribution needs. Our customers are so ecstatic with their installations and are happy to show off.

It's able to be so versatile because it allows customization for your data center’s specific power distribution needs. Busway amp sizes run from 100A to 1200A and can have dedicated ground and/or oversized neutral. Also, hot swappable bus plugs can be designed to have different receptacles or drop cord connectors made to order.

Check out the video below to see the Busway in action, and please reach out to me at 215-826-1133 to learn more.

Starline track busway for power distribution

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The Gift of a Look Into the Future

by Mike Beck on 12/14/17 8:14 AM

Don’t you just love this time of year? The excitement of the holidays and no pressure at all because you’ve got all the IT projects for 2017 wrapped up, right? Well, consider this Vertiv™ blogpost a fancily wrapped present, just for you (and your IT department)... It’s a look into the future of what 2018 will bring, so you don’t have to worry about what will blindside you in the coming year. Our friends at Vertiv™, who have done a great job being defined as the data center industry thought leader, have these great insights to offer. In addition to a whole array of new CRAC and CRAH units, UPS Systems, and other data center infrastructure equipment, they are positioned as your data center expert to help you save money, time, and energy.Data Center Trends Image 800x600[2].jpg

Please enjoy this short read and let us know your thoughts. One thing that caught my attention was that higher densities are arriving. In my career, this has been one of the most talked about and planned for issues, but seldom seems to materialize. Do you think we are there? Let us know.

We at DVL wish all of you a very happy holiday, and hopefully, with the Vertiv™ insight, we’ve helped your company prepare for a happy new year.

Take a peak at 2018's data center trends.

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Refrigerant-22: Is Your Data Center Ready for 2020?

by Jodi Holland on 3/23/17 1:30 PM


What does this mean for you?

Liebert-DSE_3qvl_002-1.pngCost and Availability
Currently the price of R22 is 7X the cost of current refrigerants (R407C and R410A) and increasing every day, AND many supply houses are limiting the quantity per sale to avoid stock piling. Reclaimed R22 will be available after 2020, but its price is expected to increase.

Options to Eliminate R22 at Your Facility
What can you do if you currently have Data Center Air Conditioners with R22? Now is the time to plan for the future. You essentially have 3 choices:

  • Stick it out with R22 knowing that future repairs will be expensive
  • Retrofit the unit with a new refrigerant…This is not recommended due to potential incompatible piping, devices, loss of capacity, and a decrease in efficiency
  • Replace the units with new compliant refrigerants units that are designed to deliver higher efficiencies. The Vertiv™ Liebert® DSE is a great choice. As a PECO Trade Ally (hyperlink), we can provide assistance to obtain the maximum rebate for your investment in new air conditioners.

Contact Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Beck at 215.826.1158 to learn more.

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DVL Group Holds Awards Ceremony

by Jodi Holland on 2/2/17 11:38 AM

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017, DVL Group held an awards ceremony to honor associates who have made outstanding contributions to the company in 2016. In addition, associates who have recently achieved milestone anniversaries with the company were recognized.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients, shown below!
View full picture album.


Eagle Award - Tina Penn.jpg Owner of the Year - Helene L..jpg

Eagle Award
Recipient Tina Penn (center), with CEO Gary Hill and
Sanja Motz, VP of Service Operations 

This award is given to the sales person who delivers outstanding service.

Owner of the Year Award
Recipient Helene Laurusevage and CEO Gary Hill

This award is given to the associate who cares about the company and finds ways to make improvements that will benefit our ESOP.

Core Values - Jenniffer Pineda.jpg

Customer Champion - Rich McKinney2.jpg

Customer Champion Award
Recipient Rich McKinney was not able to attend in person because he was on a job site. Ray Fegley and Bob Gusciora presented the award to him via speakerphone.

This award is given to the associate who has been identified by a DVL customer as an outstanding asset to their operations. 

Core Values Award
Recipient Jenniffer Pineda and CEO Gary Hill

This award is given to the associate who best represents DVL’s Core Values of Caring, Collaboration, Creativity, Integrity, and Professionalism.

35 Years.jpg 30 Years.jpg
35 Years
Lissa Wolf, pictured with CEO Gary Hill
30 Years
John DeFlores pictured with CEO Gary Hill (Not pictured: Joe Everman)
20 Years.jpg 15 Years.jpg
20 Years
(L-R) Joe Bedics, Gary Hill, Gary Halliwell, and Rick Stahmer
15 Years
(L-R) John Yacina, CEO Gary Hill, and Kevin Bender
10 Years.jpg 5 Years.jpg

10 Years
(L-R) Kerry Shepherd, Sean Delaney, CEO Gary Hill, Bill Highlands, and Jim Boyle. Not pictured: Rich McKinney, Buddy Nestor, Annie Samuel
5 Years
(L-R) Nick Babiak, Sean Murphy, Leigh Ann Kearney, CEO Gary Hill, Clayton Mitstifer, and Jill Kennedy. Not pictured: Deanne Krisch.



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