Five Best Practices in Enterprise Data Center Design

by Emerson Network Power on 1/15/15 8:46 AM


As many of us know, in traditional data centers, approximately one-half of the energy consumed goes to support IT equipment while the other half is used by support systems.

Moreover, complexity and critical conditions have increased in recent years.  Since the cost of downtime is high (a full shutdown costs more than € 500,000, source: 2011 National Study on Data Center Downtime), availability of IT capacity is generally an important metric on which data centers are evaluated. Today, however, data centers must also operate efficiently while providing flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in computing demand.

Emerson Network Power conducted a systematic analysis of the energy consumed in data centers and of the various approaches that lead to energy conservation.

We have identified five best practices that represent proven approaches to improve overall data center performance:

1. Maximize the return temperature at the cooling units to improve capacity and efficiency;
2. Match cooling capacity and airflow with IT loads;
3. Utilize cooling designs that reduce energy consumption;
4. Enable data center monitoring to improve capacity, efficiency and availability;
5. Utilize local design and service expertise to extend equipment life, reduce costs and address your data center’s unique challenges.

Do you know further practices that can serve as the foundation for data center design?

If you want to learn more, read the white paper.

You can also read more about SmartAisle.

This article was written by: Matej Kordisch, Emerson Network Power. To read more Blogs by Emerson, please visit: 

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Avocent Products: Now Available at DVL

by Marissa Donatone on 12/13/13 11:51 AM


Avocent is known for leading edge remote network management and control technology. Avocent delivers IT operations and infrastructure management solutions for enterprises worldwide, helping customers to reduce costs and simplify complex IT environments via integrated, centralized in-band and out-of-band hardware and software. Emerson Network power is now offering Avocent Solutions.

DVL Group Inc. is now the Avocent representative serving Central & Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey & Northern Delaware. To learn more about Avocent products or schedule an appointment with a Data Center Engineer  please contact Marissa Donatone, Marketing Coordinator: or 215-826-1150.

For More Information on Avocent Products, download: Avocent Data Center Solutions Brochure.

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The 2013 Study on Data Center Outages

by Marissa Donatone on 9/11/13 8:59 AM

This study identifies the leading causes of data center downtime, and what you can do to prevent them. Read More Here

2013 study on data center outages (1)

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The Benefit of Increasing Return Air Temperatures

by Marissa Donatone on 8/20/13 8:44 AM

benefit of increasing return air temperatures resized 600
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The Server Closet Must Die...

by Mike Rinaldi on 6/20/13 12:46 PM

They are small, poorly managed, wasteful and high risk environments for a business’s IT systems and they’re lurking in a building near you. The server closet, it’s a danger to us all and it must be eradicated.

The server closet is a room set aside for IT gear, but not designed as a data center. Not even as a bad data center. They vary in size, but are generally between 100 SF and 2500 SF. The rooms usually have some extra AC assigned to them and maybe additional jury rigged power, but beyond that they are a large closet that IT gear has been force fit into. There are 10s of thousands of these server closets out in the wild. 



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