Having trouble getting a smart PDU? Packet Power has a solution.

by Packet Power on 7/13/21 9:46 AM

If long lead times on intelligent rack PDUs are putting your deployment schedule at risk,  Packet Power can help. Our Smart Power Cables are the easiest way to add power metering to any device with a plug.  Combine a smart power cable with an easy to find basic PDU and problem solved!

Supply shortages of semiconductors and other raw materials are causing long lead times for many  manufacturers. We fortunately bought inventory aggressively at the beginning of the year and can still deliver products with normal lead times.

Smart Power Cables are power cables with embedded wireless power monitors. They are ideal for:

  • Turning basic cabinet PDUs into smart PDUs
  • Monitoring non-power strip devices such as SANs, mainframes and switches
  • Avoiding the need to run data communication wiring to cabinets
  • Metering virtually any plug-level load


Smart Power Cable Features

  • Accurately measure V, A, W, Wh, VA, Hz and PF on single and three-phase circuits
  • Compatible with IEC, NEMA, regional and specialized connectors
  • Standard and custom cable lengths available
  • Work with hardware from any vendor
  • Plug-and-play installation; no network cable drops or electricians required
  • View data instantly using EMX Energy Portal or access data using standard open protocols

Adding a Smart Power Cable to your PDU often costs far less than a metered PDU and delivers the functionality of a full featured power monitoring system.

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Contact DVL, your local Packet Power representative to learn how you can start monitoring your critical equipment quickly and cost-effectively.

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