LEED Silver Data Center

by Mike Rinaldi on 9/7/12 11:42 AM

NTT: Taking the LEED lead in Hong Kong

NTT Communications now operates Hong Kong’s first LEED:EBOM certified data center. Taylor Man, NTT Com Asia’s Executive Vice President for New Business, explains why the standard is becoming so important for the country’s data center industry.

The focus on Corporate social responsibility (CSR) by governments, regulators and increasingly customers is driving sustainability in the data center sector. And market volatility, focus on expenditures and rising operational costs has further led to demands for process efficiency, the streamlining of operations and lower energy usage.

While operating right at the heart of bustling at the heart of bustling Hong Kong, NTT Communications started to look for ways of being more ‘green’. We found the answer with LEED:EBOM, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standard issued by the Green Building Council for Existing buildings, Operations and Maintenance).

NTT became the first data center in Hong Kong to receive LEED Silver certification EBOM for its Hong Kong Data Centre after proving large energy savings due to efficiency measures. The data center is in a seven-floor building, which covers 212,000 sq ft that was launched in 2009. It provides high-availability services and has been built to handle mission critical environments, with a Tier III infrastructure.

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Do You Control Your Data Center or Is It Controlling You?

by Mike Rinaldi on 8/15/12 11:55 AM

Ever have one of those days which turn into weeks, where nothing seems to be going your way? Your boss is constantly nagging you to reduce the power usage in your data center in an effort to curb costs; a cable becomes loose somewhere (and it takes you hours to figure out where it is); a server goes down yet again, causing the network to crash. And just when you thought things were starting to go right – a power failure in the whole region has your data center shutting down for days. In this post, I am going to probe the concept of whether your data center is controlling you, rather than the other way around.  


-Pursuit of Efficiency

-Gaps in the Market

-Combining the Software with the Hardware

-Total Control of the Data Center

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Data Center Knowledge

The Question Remains:  Do you prefer hot aisle or cold aisle containment?

data center



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Do You Prefer Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle Containment?

by Mike Rinaldi on 8/7/12 3:13 PM

Separating the hot and cold air in a data center is one of the keys to improving energy efficiency.  Containment systems don't have to be fancy or expensive.  Containment systems have been in use at least since 2004, but there's an ongoing debate about whether it is best to contain the hot aisle or cold aisle.  

Do you use containment in your data center?  If so, do you contain the hot aisle or cold aisle?"


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