Does DC Have a Chance in the Data Center?

by Mike Rinaldi on 5/14/13 7:38 AM

As data centers take an ever larger bite of worldwide energy production, efficiency becomes an increasingly urgent topic. Much of the focus in recent years has been on areas like virtualization, improved cooling practices (like free cooling and bumping up the thermostat), consolidation of idle equipment and so on—and rightly so. In the background, however, has been a growing discussion about a fundamental topic:alternating-current (AC) versus direct-current (DC) power. AC power won the day when electrical infrastructure was first being deployed, but could DC be poised for a return from the dead? 

[The Data Center Journal]

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Topics: data center infrastructure, reduce cost, data center design, robust data center, efficient data center, DVL, electrical distribution, data center outages, DC Power

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