Ten Predictions: Why 2013 Will Be a Big Year for DCIM

by Mike Rinaldi on 1/11/13 7:51 AM

There are a number of reasons why 2013 might be the year for Data Center Infrastructure Management. DCIM software has had a number of years to mature, addressing the need for high levels of discipline in the data center. There are various factors that have contributed to the emergence of DCIM as a priority for data center operators- even if many of them are still sorting out the best way forward.

“The economy led to a break/fix mentality in the data center at first, but we seem to be out of that now,” said Mark Harris, Nlyte Software’s vice president of marketing and strategy. “The energy crisis put a lot of adult supervision into the data center. A lot of questions were being asked, and a lot of those questions were about the physical makeup.”

DCIM provides a holistic view of the entire data center ecosystem, dynamically recognizing all the pieces and how they’re interrelated. It helps to plan ahead, both for growth and potential disasters (what happens when a piece of equipment is removed?). It is being touted as the ERP application for the data center. And as with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), it is addressing a complicated challenge. When a device is introduced, changes or fails, it changes the makeup of these complex facilities.

Click here for 10 predictions for what 2013 holds for DCIM, based on conversations with industry executives.  (Data Center Knowledge)






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