Top 10 Reasons To Consider Data Center Infrastructure Management

by Mike Rinaldi on 3/21/12 9:09 AM

What is your DCIM strategy?

The Data Center industry is in need of of a solution that bridges the IT and facilities systems and provides data in appropriate interfaces across IT and facilities groups.  A holistic DCIM strategy is a data center manager’s best partner in meeting the stringent business demands in a modern-day data center environment. To successfully implement a DCIM strategy, data center managers must be on the lookout for the best family of hardware, software and services that allows them to address the critical infrastructure gap.


A new perspective on managing the critical infrastructure gaps is emerging that recognizes:

  • The importance of real-time data to understand the true capacity of available infrastructure
  • The criticality of interdependencies between logical and physical layers
  • The need for holistic management capabilities and visibility of IT and facilities infrastructures
  • The need for more powerful management tools that offer a rich, visual view of the infrastructure and can guide design and change management

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