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Portable Cooling for server rooms for when you need to get coolBuy or rent, same day delivery

Portable Air Conditioners

  • Buy or Rent
  • Rentals Available by Week or Month! 
  • Immediate Delivery Available
  • Rent for any emergency or special occasion- call for details

Rentals for Emergency Downtime for Maintenance

Sometimes even with routine maintenance major failure can occur. Our reliable team can deliver when needed so you're up and running with a portable air conditioner during your emergency.

Any Occasion Rental

  • Equipment Replacement Projects
  • Maintenance Shutdown
  • Supplemental Cooling Applications- Weddings, Sporting Events, Corporate Events, and more!


Portable air conditioners and Emergency Vertiv™ Liebert® HVAC Parts from our facility delivered into your hands over night 24/7.

Need to place an order ASAP or want to learn more? 
Call 1.844.DVL.PARTS or email our Parts Department.