Systecon - Package Chiller Systems

Resylution™. Intelligent Plant Designs for HVAC and Process Systems!

The HVAC industry has undergone a change in production and construction methods. More people are being drawn to faster lead times, standardized production and turn-key products. Resylution recognizes these changes and offers self-contained chiller and/or boiler plants with standardized components such as controls, cooling towers, chillers and boilers. Resylution™ systems are pre-engineered and pre-constructed, minimizing cost and reducing lead time.


  • Simplified Field Installation – Reduced lead time, reduced trade coordination
  • Single Source Responsibility – We take responsibility for pumps and controls
  • Lower Installed Cost – Factory designed and assembled
  • Factory Testing – Performance guaranteed, simplified field commissioning
  • Industrial Grade PLC Controls – Intuitive HMI, network communication
  • Reliability – UL and ETL listed production process
  • Component Flexibility – Customer designated chillers, boilers, pumps and VFD controllers

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