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Offering millions of parts from more than 120 of the industry’s leading manufacturers.
DVL is now providing unique solutions for our clients for mission-critical environment
infrastructure and systems.  

Have some questions? View the eParts Store FAQs or
contact DVL Parts at 1-844-DVL-PARTS

Upgrades and repairs are often a frustrating aspect of data center management, but with your knowledgeable DVL Parts representative on your side, it’s easy to stay on top of your maintenance game with the premium Vertiv/Liebert parts you need.

DVL’s Thermal Parts Inventory Team is available to our customers 24/7 with preventative and emergency parts availability, and when necessary, delivery. Portable air conditioning can also be provided when downtime is just not an option.

DVL's Thermal Parts Inventory Team:

  • Connects you to any part you’ll ever need
  • Supplied by Vertiv/Liebert factory engineered parts
  • Provides parts quickly for delay-free maintenance
  • 24/7 access to three warehouses within a 0.5 hour radius of Philadelphia, where most of the common parts are available. 

24/7 Availability For Premium Liebert Parts

Routine maintenance is planned to prevent problems, but when disaster does strike, there’s no need to worry. Warehouses are located in Bristol and Harrisburg, PA.

  • We only stock Liebert Factory-engineered parts to ensure our customers get exactly the right part, not a substitute.
  • We stock thousands of parts in order to minimize downtime.
  • We provide local part availability and delivery at your convenience.

If you are in need of parts, contact our Parts Department at 1-844-DVL-PARTS

*Excludes custom parts.